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Specialty & Custom

Some of our chocolate animals>While we have some of the “standard” chocolates you’ve seen before, Lepore’s make it so much better… and even goes above and beyond with specialty chocolates!

Have you ever tasted chocolate-covered gummie bears? Mmm… Or how about designer slices of cakes and cupcakes, or lose the grease and taste our chocolate sliders!

Add items like NY-themed chocolates, champagne bottles, pinatas, dinosaurs, cats (chocolate Rolls Royce!), dogs, trains, cars, ballerinas, planes, jets, and one of favorite holiday pieces… a 10lb chocolate cornucopia filled with chocolates.

Custom Orders

Our chocolate bulldogWe’ve listed a ton of great chocolate goodies you can get for parties, events, weddings and more. We at Lepore’s, love the specialty items that may not be in our glass cases, and will work with you to make it special for you.

Are you looking for some chocolate centerpiece for someone’s birthday specific to them? Or, how about designer cakes and shapes? If you’re looking for some ideas, be sure to check out our specialty items page for things we have done for others. Remember though, we can make you that great personalized chocolate masterpiece you’ve hoping for here at Lepore’s.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you today. We even offer a free gift wrap!

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